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Since its inception, the FIRST Robotics Competition has been about partnership among people, the impact it has on their lives and appreciation of science and technology. FIRST's goal is to improve the culture of the world, in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology, as well as encourage today's youth to become scientists, engineers and technologists. FIRST created the Chairman's Award in 1992 to acknowledge a team's commitment and efforts toward achieving this goal. It remains FIRST's most prestigious award.

Originally, one Chairman's Award was presented at the Championship Event, but with the growth and expansion that FIRST has experienced, a Chairman's Award is now presented to one team at each regional. The annual Chairman's Award winner will be selected from that year's regional awards. Regional Award winners receive Chairman Award medallions and a unique permanent FIRST Chairman's Award Regional trophy. The Championship Chairman's winner receives the Championship medallion and the traveling Chairman's Award clock. Finally, one member of the award-winning team receives a scholarship for up to $10,000. (Taken from This year, the Buzz Robotics Team is celebrating its 16th year. Over the many years, Buzz has grown from a few dedicated students, engineers and teachers, to about 20 students and over 20 engineers and teachers, some of them whom have since retired, but still volunteer their time to work with the team. Buzz alumni, some of whom have received prestigious scholarships from FIRST sponsors, have gone on to study many different subjects at the college level. Other Buzz alumni have graduated from high school and put the skills they learned with the Buzz Team right to work in industry or in the armed services. A few other alumni have returned to the Buzz Team as mentors, to give back to the program that they once participated in as students. The Buzz Team has received numerous different awards, but they are most proud of the FIRST Chairman's Award which they received at the Championship Event at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center in April 2002. The Chairman's Award is the most prestigious award presented to a FIRST Robotics Competition Team. It is presented to the team that has shown continued commitment and successes in promoting an appreciation for science and technology to students of all ages.

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Although the Chairman's Award was presented to the 2002 Buzz Team, all Buzz students and mentors going back to the first Buzz Team members in 1996 earned it. The Buzz Team members in the following years have the responsibility of continuing the Buzz traditions of excellence, education, pride, dedication and community involvement.

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