Buzz 18 - 2013


  • 4 Wheel West-Coast Drive (4" Wheels), Two Plastic Casters on Front of Robot.
  • Speed: 13 FPS


  • Curved One-Wheel Shooter for accurate shooting and aiming
  • Tilting - Two motorized 'cams' used to tilt the shooter assembly. Absolute Encoders used to track its angular position.
  • Pneumatic badonker launches frisbee into shooter wheel
  • Pneumatic Frisbee Stop (Opposite of Badonker) stops frisbees from drifting into wheel
  • Pneumatic Frisbee Ejector - Gets rid of upside-down frisbees that would otherwise jam the shooter


  • Floor Pickup: Bucket loader capable of loading two frisbees at once.
  • Two independent rollers for loading
  • Feeder Station: Can use bucket loader arm to quickly feed, or feed directly into bucket.
  • Ejector for bad, upside-down frisbees!


  • Two Pneumatic Hooks on Bucket loader for an easy 10 point climb.
  • Limit Switches on each hook to automate the climbing sequence


  • 3 shots with extreme accuracy
  • NEW! 5 Shot Autonomous Mode!
  • Options for Several Autonomous Modes and Delays

Software / Controls

  • Several Automated functions, such as Loading, Climbing
  • Custom Control Box to make robot controls easier for second operator


  • RGB Addressable LED Strip for awesome custom lighting functions
  • Controlled by On-Board Arduino, which communicates to the cRIO via I2C

Awards Won

  • BAE Granite State Regional Finalist (Thanks to Team 61 & Team 172)
  • Beantown Blitz Champions (Thanks to Team 195 and 1761)
  • Beantown Blitz Dynamic Drivetrain


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