The Buzz Robotics team is extremely thankful for the support of its sponsors. Without sponsors, Buzz would just be a pile of miscellaneous hardware, metal chunks, uncompiled code, and shorted out wires. In addition to the major sponsors below, Buzz would like to thank local sponsors from the town of Enfield CT.

UTC Aerospace System - Space Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems - Space Systems (UTAS-SS) is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) reporting through its UTC Propulsion & Aerospace Systems Division, and headquartered in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The company employs people in engineering, technical support, program management and operations, among other disciplines. UTAS-SS's primary product lines include: environmental control and life support systems for a wide variety of human space applications, including the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Orbiter; the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or "space suit", that allows astronauts to work outside the Shuttle and Space Station in the harsh vacuum of space; and auxiliary equipment, including oxygen and hydrogen generation units for commercial, aircraft, and undersea applications.

Parametric Technology Corpration (PTC)

PTC Logo

A special thanks to a new sponsor to the BUZZ Robotics Team, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). PTC is a Crown Supplier to the FIRST Robotics Competition. Through its sponsorship of FIRST, PTC supplies free software (Pro/ENGINEER, Mathcad, Windchill and ProductView) to all FIRST teams.

Hamilton Sundstrand Space, Land & Sea is also a long-time user of PTC commercial software products.

Enrico Fermi High School

Enrico Fermi High School Logo

A special thanks to the teachers and staff at Enrico Fermi High School, for allowing the Buzz Robotics team to use the school's facilities. Without the shop, cafeteria, and the "War Room", our team would not be able to build our robot in time. The team would also like to thank the teacher-mentors who devote their time to helping student team members learn about science and technology, and the Fermi custodial staff for keeping the school open as long as we need it.

CSC Corporation

A special thanks to CSC Corporation for their generous donation of computer laptops and workstations for the 2012 FRC Season. This donation modernizes and expands BUZZ's computation capabilities in support of Scouting, CAD, Website Design and Programming.

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